Super science

Today in year 5 my group have been doing some science. I think you probably want to know what we done so lets get started. First we put some nails in salted water. Our variable was the water we wrote no air in water, half out half in and wet. what we are going to do is put the nails in the water by what it says in our books. then we just wait. After we are finished we will take the nails out of the water. I expected to see most of it to be rusted for the no air /in water


My trip to the science museum

When it was the 16 of march our Orsa group went to an amazing trip to the science museum.The first thing we did was waiting in the hall for parents to come in. Once we were ready we went to our Coach I was sitting near the front of the coach because I have travel sickness. when we got there we had an explore of the first floor for about 40minits. My mom and I what I found intresting was all of the old fanshion floor. after we looked at the first floor we had lunch. after lunch we look up some more floors. Then we went to an space show the space show was about big explosions one of the explosion made me jump. but then we had to go. but when I got home I got some sleep because I was tired.


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The Nail Rusting Experiment

We had some nails place them  in a cup.One had water,one had salt and one had salt water.

We made predictions of what would happen to the nails  group 3 had copper nails.

Next week the nail that was in the cup with saltwater had been half rusted!The Part that was in the saltwater was clean but the part that was in the air had been rusted.We decided how we could use that information…


science is fun YALL! by imogen

On Tuesday in science Me,Jack,Edon,Morlai and Kevin were doing an experiment on nails and salt water. One lot of nails were put in a cup with lots of water in so if it was us we would droun,  I think they will get rusty over one week (soon I might comment on this post and say the results.) Then we had nails with a smaller amount of water I think we will see them rust as well. Then there was nails that were completely dry I am positive these will not rust but who knows? Finaly we have nails that are wet I realy think thease will defo rust. 

I am going to have a look every day. I have been writing a lot so I should stop but will I no!

Achaly I have to stop so I will tell you the results soon

Keeeeep sciencing!

Kevin: that’s not a word

Imogen: Who cares! see you YALL!