More facts about the basilisk lizard

So Leo actually asked these questions and I am going to answer them right now.The first question Leo asked was that where does it live? It lives in the tropical rain forest of central america.The next question was what does it eat?So first off all it is an omnivore so you can find it eating jobo fruits or gobbling up bugs.I think he also asked how does it catch it’s prey so it uses it’s tongue and jaws to grab it’s prey

So Leo that’s all your questions

Kind regards,

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My review on ancient Greece website on BBC Bitesize

I enjoyed looking at this website and I can say it WAS my favourite of all three websites I found out so many things.

I particularly liked the Olympics page.Did you Know that women were not allowed to watch the games!NOT FAIR! If the women were caught they could be thrown of a mountain!

The games were held In houner Zeus the greek god.

Another thing I liked about this website was that it showed stuff in many different ways like pitchers,games and of course writing

This website focused on Greek life, families and culture but as I liked the Olympics the best that is what I did a review on

Hope you liked my review If you saw the website comment or write  a blog about it!


Review on the BBC geek website

Today we have been going in different websites to find out fact and information about Greece. So Preethya and I found out that the BBC website is a great fun and educational site to find facts about Greece.I think that this website is more for younger children because it has less formal language and more pictures to look at along with a few words to explain what is happening.I really liked reading about the wars that Greece has been through.If you are like that person that doesn’t really like reading this website is great for you.

Review on the british museum’s greek website

Today we have been going on different website to find facts and learn about Greece .So Lilianne and I have been going to 3 website our teacher told us to look at and we found out that the British museum’s  website was very enducational for kids.It has very formal language and very intresting information of the Ancient Greek lifestyle.We learnt that in many places in Greece had slaves and that all the boys had a different job to do than all of the girls.Some slaves had to learn how to take care of very young children.But it is kind of different because in Sparta if a girl is a slave and belongs to someone but anyone can take to make them there slave.

Greek mythology

I am Kevin I read about Greek facts with my friend Slavena we found about how people live in Greece. We learnt about how the wealthy people would use slaves as servants to go to the market and even sometimes help bring up children.

We also read a story about the battle of Troy which was fought by Greece and the city of Troy. we also learnt about Achillies  and Hercules


Ancient Greece

I saw in that BBC website that the people from ancient Greece  where  good at building   and crafting things for them self   like  houses  and other things .

They where good people , which where doing competitions like running  and more things like this . they where also doing the traditional festivals or fights with other countries from out side.



This web said about Greek begin around the black sea.It also said about there are many tales and legends about the strange land. Mainland Greece is a mountainous land almost completely surrounded by the medateranion sea. This web was helpful for me because i could write this amazing report.

This web has helped me find out about ANCIENT GREECE and my understanding of it.

I learnt about how the Olympics first came about and that Men and Woman who were engaged are not aloud in.

BBC bitesize website – Greeks

This web has videos on how the Olympics started. It also had facts and pictures on what the land scape was like and who the houses looked like. But why only Men,Boys and women who aren’t married could enter? This web was very helpful to me because it helped me find out more about ancient Greece.


The fighting games had hardly any rules, but the only one was no poking or biting in the eyes. These events had began 2700 years ago in Olmpia.

If I had to rate this web out of ten for helpfulness it would be a eight.

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Facts & Opinones made by miss anya

Buenos diaz evrybody! My name is Anya and i got something to tell to all of you guys. Is this exciting for you guys? well if so carry on reading this text, and if not just read the text anyway’s. Now Mr.Martinez and the rest of year 5 had made a writing about facts and Opinones​.

So now im gonna tell you some facts or opinions and you wil have to guess if its a fact or is it a opinone


1.Eating fruits is unhealthy for you fact.

2.humans never been on the tallest ride in the world fact.

3.animals are scared of people they dont know fact.


Ok so now you done that now ill tell you the answars





Let me know in the comments how you did


Well thats it for now


Maths today

Hi there Frogger Blogger here!

I have a problem that you may be able to help me with. I have a gift to give to my best mate Taddy Pole – but I don’t have a box to put it in. It needs to be one of those 3D square shapes, I can’t remember what they are called. Can you help me and maybe write me some instructions on how to make my box using great maths language?

After you’ve done that Mr L showed me this for you to have a go at.

Net Game 

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fidget spinners by emmanuel

In year 5 , year 5 made fidget spinners  how year 5 made them was Mr. Marteniz gave us a paper fidget spinners and carboard . Then, year 5 drawn around the paper fidget sinner onto the carboard . After, year 5 cut around the carboard then later on year 5 sticked the 1p and 2p. The year 5 after get to play with our fidget spinner. THE END



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If you are having trouble with your homework, if you need a laptop to readership some homework, then go to the homework club. It is on every Monday and it is free.

There is all ready people using the homework club so you will not be alone.

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Are learning journal. By leo

In my learning journal Morlai, Berat,Edon and I had to create our own football team. We each had a job. Edon and Morlai where co-manger’s, Berat’s jobs were to measer the width and the length of the pich and my job was in was going to be the scout. So me and berat had to work to get her because if we had a wide pich and a long pich we would need players who pass a lot but if we and a smaller width and length we would have players who like to dribble. There was a lot of maths involved because we only had 50k to use to bye players and Morlai and Edon hado to work owt how much the pay the players ànd how much they pay Berat and I. Morlai and Edon hado to do 50÷2 because we had 50k and the equls 25. Then they did 25-11 because we need eleven players,then they did 11-7 because of the subs and that equals 4 so at the end we had 4 reserves.

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Super science

Today in year 5 my group have been doing some science. I think you probably want to know what we done so lets get started. First we put some nails in salted water. Our variable was the water we wrote no air in water, half out half in and wet. what we are going to do is put the nails in the water by what it says in our books. then we just wait. After we are finished we will take the nails out of the water. I expected to see most of it to be rusted for the no air /in water

My trip to the science museum

When it was the 16 of march our Orsa group went to an amazing trip to the science museum.The first thing we did was waiting in the hall for parents to come in. Once we were ready we went to our Coach I was sitting near the front of the coach because I have travel sickness. when we got there we had an explore of the first floor for about 40minits. My mom and I what I found intresting was all of the old fanshion floor. after we looked at the first floor we had lunch. after lunch we look up some more floors. Then we went to an space show the space show was about big explosions one of the explosion made me jump. but then we had to go. but when I got home I got some sleep because I was tired.

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The Nail Rusting Experiment

We had some nails place them  in a cup.One had water,one had salt and one had salt water.

We made predictions of what would happen to the nails  group 3 had copper nails.

Next week the nail that was in the cup with saltwater had been half rusted!The Part that was in the saltwater was clean but the part that was in the air had been rusted.We decided how we could use that information…

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science is fun YALL! by imogen

On Tuesday in science Me,Jack,Edon,Morlai and Kevin were doing an experiment on nails and salt water. One lot of nails were put in a cup with lots of water in so if it was us we would droun,  I think they will get rusty over one week (soon I might comment on this post and say the results.) Then we had nails with a smaller amount of water I think we will see them rust as well. Then there was nails that were completely dry I am positive these will not rust but who knows? Finaly we have nails that are wet I realy think thease will defo rust. 

I am going to have a look every day. I have been writing a lot so I should stop but will I no!

Achaly I have to stop so I will tell you the results soon

Keeeeep sciencing!

Kevin: that’s not a word

Imogen: Who cares! see you YALL!

apple experiment

first we got assigned a liquid.

will the carbonated water stop my apple from oxidising?

first we had to cut the apple in half,

secondly, leave oneside in air and  onside in carbonated water.

then let it sit next to the other  apple and leave it for I hour, 2 hour and 3 hours.

but before all of that  we had to make our prediction. my prediction was that the carbonated apple will get brown.


Science experiment

First, thing we did was to put the 5 nails in a cup and those nails are called cooper nail, steel nail, brass nail, galvanized nail and a unknown nail. After we created a chart to show our working out. On my chart I put the materials we are using and  we recorded what we did. we answered the question on the board when we put our nails in a cup with salt water we put on the table


Alicja and I made a graph to show steel oxidising in different liquids to see which one rusts the fastest. First we made a 5 by 6 graph and rote our 5 materials down on the side . And those materials wore tap water, sparkling water ,lemon squash , malt vinegar and salt water . When we put the nail in the liquid, we set the timer on.

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apple Experiment

Today,I did an experiment whith lilly and answer and bearat  first we made prodictions we put the apple in salt water and left it over lunch the apple turned squishy and a little brown  are group had the second best apple. we are leaving it again till are home time at 3 we don’t know what will happen but it mite turn brown see you later…….

science experiment work

I’m going to talk about what I did in science we experimented if a nail would turn rusty in different liquids. So our question was do other liquids make nails go rusty quicker. What we needed ; 5 cups, squash, salt water, sugar water, carbonated water and vinegar. So first we took 5 nails and put one each in a cup and add all the liquids [squash, salt water, sugar water, carbonated water, and vinegar]. Finally I expect that the nails will go rusty quickly especially the vinegar because it has strong acid in it. that’s it for now                                                                                                                      THE END

our science experiment

first ,we had to write what we need.

we needed…



carbonated water,

salted water

sugared water,

5 plastic cups.

secondly,we had to write what we are going to do.

first,we need to put the same amount of liqudes in the cup.

secondly,put one nail in each cup at the same time.

next,put all the cups near the same place.

lastly,check everyday.

next, we had to write what we expected to see,

vinegar, I think the vinegar will stop the rust.

carbonated water , i think this wont be that rusty.

sugared water, i think it will be a bit rusty.

salted water, I think it will be very rusty.

water, it will be mostly rusty.

lastly,we had to draw our grids.

What we learnt today in science!

Today, in science, we have learnt about what happens if you put an apple in different liquids for a matter of time. For  example if you put an apple in lemon juice for one hour, it will not oxidise. Oxidise means that if you leave an apple over night without putting anything over it, it will obviously turn brown, so that is what oxidising means. We also put a nail/screw in different types of liquids like salted water, carbonated water, sugared water, vinegar water and tap water. And now we are going to wait for at least 2 weeks and we’ll see what happens.

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Fabio and Flavio s



Fabio and Flavio science experiment.

First we had to choose a question was do other liquid make nails go rusty? and Flavio’s was which liquid will cause the nails to go rusty the most quickly? Then I had 5 cups then i put 5 different liquid in each cup witch were water , vinegar , carbonated water , sugared water and salt water but then I put 5 the same materials in each liquid witch was a screw. Then Flavio had 5 cups then he put 5 different liquids in each cup which were the same as  mines  but then Flavio put 5 the same material in each cup which were nails. then we both did a prediction of what we expected to see , I thought that the screw will rust in the water , vinegar and in the salt water and flavio thought that there will be fizzy popping and it will change colour.

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Our Rust Observation

To start the observation first we wrote our variables in our books,we changed the liquids. Our liquids were ;water,vineger ,carbonated water, sugar water and salt water. We expected to see that the screw would rust in the ;salt water,vineger and sugar water.Then after we created a chart to help us see which liquid it would rust in the most in 5 days.We think it will rust in vinegar the most because it is the most sour liquid.


by Qasim and Hammad



Today, zainab, Bearat, Answar and I all did a experiment we used Iron nail, copper nail ,stainless steel  nail, brass nail, Galvenised nail ,coated nail. First, we did predicsions .Then ,we  put salt water in the with the nails for 10 minuets .so now,we are  waiting.till tomorrow to see what has happened we are wating for 1 day we will come back tomorrow to see are experiment…………

Fun in science

Today in science with Mr Lyford we were told that we were going to make our own experiments it was quite fun and kind of challenging. The variables Edon Jack, Imogen , Morlai and  I used water half in water and dry. We decided to check our experiment once a day so that everyday we get something different. My hypothesis was that if you put the metal in the water salt is that it will slowly dissolve and you will see little pieces of metal.

[My Theory]

I think that maybe when the apple is in the water it is completely slowed down from oxidising but when it doesn’t have water it oxidises faster

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Science in year 5

Today in year 5 we have been doing science and our first experiment was making our own one and my group chose an enquiry question and it was, is water needed to make nails go rusty but it needed to be a fair test so we kept the liquid the same but we changed the amount of water.

First we got what we needed and it was air and water then we made our predictions and our variable was no air in water, wet and half in water and this is what we expected to happen we thought they were going to stay still and do nothing and they did.

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what I did in science today

Today in science we took some nails and put them in a cup . Then we poured salt and water into the cup and waited to see what happened to the nails. Each nail had different amounts of water and the nails were placed differently. we needed some: nails , salt ,water and air. Also in the afternoon we did some apples and what will happen when you put them in liquids. my group had lemon squash and our apple got just a little bit of oxidization but didn’t go brown that much.

Wold Book Day!!

Comment with a book you have been reading.

My favourite book is the Journey to the River Sea because it is about a girl who goes on a big adventure and meets a very weird teacher,freaky twins and I also like because it is written in a diffrent way to we right now.

Remember to comment on this  post to say which book is your favourite and why.👍👍

The scared girl (part 1)

                          Chapter 1                                                                                                          The Quite House

Once upon a time there was a very young girl who was a child, and her name was Nataila. Nataila was in her own little house, in her own thick bed. When Nataila,woked up she noticed that her alarm dident gone of at 6:30 am. And she woked up at 12:60 pm

Then she heard a strange voice on the balcony…………..

(Chapter 2 is comming in 10 min in February 25 2017)

The manic adventure

One day, Bibo walked the dancing trees in the night sky. He became scared.  His leg really hurt but he didn’t really care .  He saw a cave I’m not going into detail but for sure it was dirty .Bibo relised he had a more dull  pain .

bilbo  dropped. He looked down the pain  shooted to his head like a  cheater chasing it’s prey .Thorin tryed to  pach the   Splitting leg. Thorin asked “On a scale of 1-10 how much does it hurt?”

“10 ,”yelled bilbo in so much pain.

There was a shiny ,white horse that welcomed Bibo on for a ride Thorin help Bilbo on the horse Thorin leaded the horse to the hobbit hole . The horse was Bilbo’s hero .


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